How Much The New YouTube Shorts Monetization Features Are Paying

One million YouTube Shorts views will make you roughly this much money…

Sumit Kumar
Mar 1, 2023
YouTube Shorts : Source — here

The new YouTube Shorts monetization features have been in effect since February 1, 2023. YouTube announced them late last year.

Not surprisingly, people started speculating about the riches they will accumulate from it :

Speculative stories on making money from YouTube Shorts : screenshot by author

People did the same when Quora introduced its writer program.

All speculation.

YouTube Shorts is paying roughly $0.04 ~ $0.06 per thousand views for monetized shorts.

Screenshot from authors own channel

So, one can earn roughly $40 ~ $60 per million views from monetized shorts.

Note: RPM might be less than $0.04 ~ $0.06; depends on the location of your audience.



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