Heard v Depp: Who Lied?

The Netflix documentary entertains and delivers in many areas but fails to answer questions.

Sumit Kumar
3 min readSep 1, 2023
Depp v Heard: Source — Netflix

The recently released documentary, Depp v Heard on Netflix, is in the news mostly for its lack of clarification. Most people expected an “autopsy” that would give answers, not raise more questions.

Some are even calling it bafflingly bad.

But for a non-American who did not follow the trial (diligently), the documentary delivers and is a bit of an eye-opener in many respects.

The Social Media Frenzy

Millions like me were oblivious to how deeply America was devoted to the trial. At one point in the documentary, it is compared to the OJ Simpson Trial. Really?

Content is king, and the presiding Judge made the career of many content creators by allowing cameras inside the courtroom to livestream the trial.

With all this content on their hands, no one can blame creators for going crazy on social media. From full-blown analysis videos to juiced-up YouTube Shorts and TikTok's — there was something for everybody to watch.

But of course — it all came with the creator’s biases and opinions.



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