Earning Stats Now Available For Creators On Quora

Finally, some clarity on how creators earn on Quora, but many questions still remain unanswered.

Sumit Kumar
2 min readJul 7, 2022
Quora Product Updates — Source: Quora

When Quora launched its Creator Program last year, it did not provide any clarity on how creators would earn. It simply stated creators would earn when Quora+ members, who are also their followers, interact with their content.

That was it.

Compared to Medium which provides a detailed explanation of how partners earn, Quora did not explain much.

Will creators earn based on time spent reading or number of views? More money for sharing content? Upvotes? There is still no answer to these questions, but Quora has finally added the much-needed earnings stats to its content & stats page.

Earlier, all one saw was this:

You can see I have earned $6. How and for what content — I had no clue.

But now, I can see how much I have earned for every monetized answer:

A breakdown of earnings from every answer — Source : Author

So, $4.42 for an answer that has so far received a measly 242 views and only 3 upvotes.



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