Confessions Of A Cheating Wife

A cheating wife, a spiteful ex-lover, and a dangerous obsession — this is the true story of a stranger.

Sumit Kumar
7 min readApr 6, 2022
Image by kalhh from Pixabay

The Background

The setting of this story is a small retail store in an open mall located in a quiet, picturesque, and historical town on the outskirts of New South Wales.

I was a retailer once upon a time — had my own retail business in Australia. I have never done an “about me” story, so no one here would know.

Like any other small business owner, I also worked at the store.

I enjoyed serving customers and chit-chatting with them.

People like to talk about their lives — I think we all know that.

But do you expect them to share the deeply personal and intimate parts of their life with you, especially when you are a stranger meeting them for the first time?

I did not, but that’s been my experience on many occasions.

I don’t know — maybe I have the kind of personality or face where people feel comfortable confiding in me. Or it was the timing — they needed someone to talk to, and I happened to be there. Or they could not find an excellent listener like me anywhere.



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